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1. Which channels can I contact FPT Telecom?

You can interact with FPT Telecom via one of the following channels:

2. What do the service package change procedures require?

For details, please click on the link below:
For further information, call our 24/7 customer care call center at 19006600

3. What do the owner change procedures require?

For details, please click on the link below:
For further information, call our 24/7 customer care call center at 19006600

4. How can I subscribe to FPT Telecom’s Internet or TV?

Please contact the service registration call center at 18006000 for free consultation or click on the link below to register online:

5. Which Internet service packages are offered by FPT Telecom?

FPT Telecom offers a wide range of Internet service packages to both business and household customers. For details, please click on the link below:
For free consultation on the packages and promotions for new subscribers, please contact the Service registration call center at 18006000

6. I have no need to use Internet service for a period of time as I have to go on business. Can I temporarily suspend the service for such a time?

You are connected and use our Internet service; however, you can suspend the service if you do not use it for a short time as a result of personal reasons. The maximum suspension time is 180 days. Regarding the suspension procedures, please click on the link below for more details

7. What if I have the Internet not installed though I have signed an agreement with FPT and paid all the fees off?

It takes 1 - 2 day(s) to install FPT’s Internet service; in case of installation failure, our technical or sales staff will immediately notify you, avoiding making so many appointments for days. You then get 100% of the amount paid to us back.

8. What kind of charge payment methods does FPT Telecom have?

You can refer to the link below for more information on charge payment

9. To change my FPT wifi password, what should I do?

Changing your FPT’s Wifi password or name is possibly done at home. You can follow the instruction steps in the clip below
If you know little about the technique, please connect your computer and modem directly to the LAN port when changing your wifi password and/or name.
If the modem interface fails to show up upon entering the IP address, please change to another browser or computer as your computer may be off from some services and/or connection methods. In case of a company LAN, please ask a IT staff for help.
If failing to enter your username/password, please call our technical support immediately, do not arbitrarily reset the modem.
Once changing wifi name or password is completed, you should sign out from the former wifi connection and log in the wifi once again.
If you possibly connect the wifi but no network is available, while other computers are successfully connected, go to Manager Wireless Networks in the Control Panel Home, delete all the wifi names previously remembered, then search for your wifi name and log in.

10. Where can I check the actual speed of my FPT internet package?

There are 2 ways to check this
Directly check your device (wifi modem) by entering IP address on any browser (chrome, firefox, safari, etc.) Use username + password as admin. Click to see Status section. The speeds showed up are downstream and upstream.
Check with reputable tools available online such as, etc.

11. Why is the actual download speed less than 16Mpbs while I have subscribed to a 16-Mbp package of FPT fiber optic cable internet?

  • The bandwidth of civil internet service packages is measured in Megabit (Mbps). The actual download or upload speed is measured in Megabyte.
  •  We should divide by 8 when converting from Megabit to Megabyte.
  • Specifically, your 16-Megabit package may ideally reach the actual maximum download speed of 2 Megabytes.
  • In fact, the download/upload speed does not always reach 2 Megabytes, often around 70-90% depending on the time, server, website from which your download/upload is performed.