FPT Telecom International cooperates with DTS to support digital transformation for SMEs

News , 12-21-2020 09:20

On 15th December, 2020,  FPT Telecom International (FTI) signed a strategic partnership with DTS to build many new opportunities for development and support of digital transformation for SMEs.
The signing ceremony was attended by the representatives of FTI and DTS, with Mr. Pham Van Tuyen - Director of FTI Business Division, Mr. Leon Truong - President of DTS Alliance, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Dung - Vice President of Vietnam E-commerce Association Vecom, Mr. Nguyen Minh Duc - CEO of IM Group, Mr. Nguyen Tan Phong - Chairman of Vietnam Real Estate Conversion Alliance and Mr. Ngo Tan Khoi - Vice Chairman of Vietnam Real Estate Conversion Alliance. This agreement marks the strategic partnership between FTI and DTS, thereby creating the potential and strength to support businesses across the country with their digital transformation.

                                                       Representatives of FPT Telecom International and DTS at the signing ceremony.
Under the agreement both sides will implement their strengths and knowledge in technology and e-commerce into this cooperation in order to develop new solutions, provide consultancy, facilitate, support, and promote small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with digital transformation. This cooperation is expected to create many practical values ​​for both sides and to support the development of the e-commerce in Vietnam.
Representatives of FPT Telecom International and DTS with their attendees discussed issues on the e-commerce market, shared their strengths in technology products, and talked about upcoming programs and plans. After the meeting, both sides, their organizations and associations have agreed on a common goal and a direction to cooperate in the upcoming time.

                                                                   Signing ceremony between FPT Telecom International and DTS.
Currently, the demand for digital transformation of enterprises is extraordinarily strong. Therefore, in the nearest future FTI and DTS as well as the Association will pack a suitable, simple but at the same time powerful digital transformation program for SMEs and deploy it quickly and efficiently.

FPT Telecom International is one of the leading telecommunication services providers in Vietnam. Some of the specializations of the company are providing call center services, private high-speed Internet, server services, FPT-owned data center services, and many more. With the team of highly qualified technical specialists and a solid foundation for the development of the company, FPT Telecom International constantly brings innovation into its products and services, captures changes in the market and its customers’ needs, and brings the digital transformation into workplaces of people and organizations in the digital age.
DTS is the organization for individuals and organizations, operating in the field of e-commerce and digital transformation ecosystems, with the goal of supporting SMEs to develop online businesses in Vietnam and increase their conversion. DTS supports and provides solutions to help businesses implement digital transformation and enhance their competition in local and international markets.