FPT Telecom International signed a contract with Sendo Technology JSC to provide AWS Direct Connect service.

News , 12-22-2020 16:34

December 2020, FPT Telecom International signed a contract with Sendo Technology JSC (Sendo) to provide and support the AWS Direct Connect service.

FTI signed a contract with Sendo to provide and support the AWS Direct Connect service.

Sendo is a popular and fast-growing e-commerce platform in Vietnam. Therefore, Sendo needs a fast and stable transmission line to support its’ operations, especially at times of big sale events of the year for Sendo customers, such as the 11.11 sale or 12.12 sale.
AWS Direct Connect is a cloud service solution that makes it easy, fast, and secure to establish a dedicated network connection from customers’ premises to AWS server systems.
Using the AWS Direct Connect service, FPT Telecom International will establish private connectivity between AWS and FPT datacenter, which will significantly reduce the network costs for Sendo, increase bandwidth throughput, and provide a more consistent network experience, compared to the Internet-based connections compared to traditional network connection services.
The Direct Connect service requires a direct connection from Vietnam to Singapore with a private leased circuit via protected undersea cables. In the process of implementing Direct Connect service with AWS, AWS assisted in consulting solutions with FPT Telecom International to get the best solution to optimize the transmission lines and save costs up to 50% for Sendo.
With the FPT Cloud Connect service, provided by FPT Telecom International, the direct connection of Sendo to the cloud services of AWS can meet all the requirements of scaling up and down in a short time and expand services anytime, using the "Pay as you go" method.
Having a highly qualified team of technical engineers with many years of experience in providing data center and cloud services, plus being the AWS Direct Connect partner in Vietnam gives FPT Telecom International extra points on top of the competition in Vietnam and ensures the trust of our customers.

After signing the contract with Sendo, the commitment of FPT Telecom International is to provide Sendo with the highest level of service and to ensure that any fault will be reported and solved immediately. Professional certified local support will be provided 24/7/365 and will be available in Vietnamese and English languages.

FPT Telecom International is excited and proud to sign this AWS contract with Sendo. This is an important milestone for the company in terms of our strategic cooperation with AWS and being its’ official service provider to Sendo – one of the leading e-commerce companies in Vietnam. We believe that the partnership will be successful, bring great results in the nearest future, and attract more interest and trust of new potential customers in Vietnam.

FPT Telecom International will support Sendo to bring their customers a better experience in the nearest future by improving their operations, speeding up the connection, and stabilizing the system by implementing the AWS Direct Connect service.