News , 04-12-2019 17:34

4 April 2019 in Hanoi, FPT Telecom International (FTI) – a subsidiary of FPT Telecom JSC announced its cloud infrastructure service FPT HI GIO CLOUD to go multiregional and accelerate digital transformation in business.

FPT HI GIO CLOUD service is the powerful cooperation between FPT Telecom and Internet Initiative Japan.

FPT HI GIO CLOUD brings digital transformation into businesses with its Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions and is currently being used by the sectors of: finance, banking, e-commerce, real estate, retail, convenient stores, manufacture, textiles and garments, furniture, healthcare, software development, online games, research, and many others. FPT HI GIO CLOUD has been operating in Vietnam market since April 2017, started in Ho Chi Minh City, and from April 2019 it has been officially launched in Hanoi region and now operates multiregional.

Kagami Biraki - a Japanese Traditional Ceremony at the FPT HI GIO CLOUD launch event in Hanoi.

With FPT HI GIO CLOUD, customers can now choose where to build their system in order to maximize performance, availability, and redundancy. They can deploy services in multiple regions, choose rather they need a cloud in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, or both. FPT HI GIO CLOUD also offers them to backup and restore their data and system in both regions through the cloud platform with the Backup as a Service solution.

Instead of investing in physical devices and spending 6-8 weeks on ordering and deploying a system, FPT HI GIO CLOUD customers are able to quickly and conveniently create virtual machines (within just 15 minutes). In addition, the leasing of FPT HI GIO CLOUD will also reduce initial investment costs up to 40% - 60%. FPT HI GIO CLOUD is powered by FPT Data Centers – top reliable Data Centers in Vietnam achieved Uptime Institute’s UPTIME TIER III standard and certified ISO 9001, 50001, 270001.

Mr. Nguyen Van Khoa – CEO of FPT Corporation introduced FPT HI GIO CLOUD.

Mr. Nguyen Van Khoa - CEO of FPT Corporation said: “Earlier this week, government portal - one of the main components of e-government - has completed initial deployment on FPT HI GIO CLOUD system. FPT has created a system of about 700 virtual machines, 4 TB of RAM and 200 TB hard disk drives in one morning. Normally, in order to deploy in the traditional way, the state agency will take about 6 months, while the enterprise is about 4 months. “

The ultimate scalable payment plan allows users to control their costs and improve their bottom-line results. Our customers can choose between pay-as-you-go model or a flat-rate contract, and they can scale their system up and down anytime on the assumption of their real-time needs.

FPT Telecom and IIJ cooperation has started back in October 2016. Since then, both companies have been providing the first full-scale and full-spectrum cloud computing service in Vietnam and expecting to continue its powerful growth together.

For more details about the service, please visit https://higio.net .