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FPT Telecom Int'l, ViewQwest to offer one-stop DX services in Asia-Pacific

News  |  FPT News  |  Press , 12-04-2022 16:13

FPT Telecom International partnered with ViewQwest on Nov. 30 to elevate their capabilities in providing ICT and digital transformation (DX) services in Asia-Pacific, especially for large regional retailers.
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FPT Telecom deploys Direct Connect channel solution for VPBank

News  |  FPT News  |  News , 07-20-2021 14:00

FPT Telecom deploys AWS Direct Connect transmission system via FPT Cloud Connect service for VPBank. 
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Refer FPT Internet & Television to friends, get tons of presents

FPT News , 06-11-2021 15:00

We are offering all our current customers a chance to receive one of our valuable presents including Macbook Air M1, Apple Watch, Xiaomi Air Purifier and Mi True Wireless Earphones. Refer FPT Internet & Television to your friends now!
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A holiday for slothful people: Do not worry about getting bored even if you don't leave the house

FPT News , 05-26-2021 08:00

There is no need to travel, there is no need for crowded appointments, and lazy people can still find joy in their homes during these holidays.
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What should parents do in advance of their children's summer vacation?

FPT News , 05-24-2021 15:00

Summer vacation 2021 will be more special than ever, as schoolchildren will be pressed to finish their schoolwork due to the Covid-19 outbreak. In contrast, parents begin worrying that their child will become passive during the long vacation.
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During the epidemic, here are some tips to help you boost your productivity at home

FPT News , 05-24-2021 10:00

Working from home while maintaining job efficiency is an issue that is not difficult to solve, but very tough when there are constant "temptations" to divert our attention away from our work.
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Tips for choosing and installing security cameras for stores

FPT News , 05-23-2021 16:00

Because of its versatile features and low cost, surveillance cameras have become an essential item for stores in recent years.
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Teachers in the isolation zone were given assistance in connecting to the Internet for free.

FPT News , 05-23-2021 13:00

FPT Telecom provides free Internet to teachers at Thuan Thanh High School No. 1 so they can teach online lessons to students in the isolation zone.
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Working and caring for children during the COVID break: "tactical" advice for parents

FPT News , 05-22-2021 14:00

How do you strike a balance between taking work home and being able to care for your children? The details in the following article will assist parents in answering questions.
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4 reasons why you should start using a VPN private connection right now

FPT News , 05-22-2021 13:01

The following are the top reasons why you should use FPT VPN right now.
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Keep in mind these tips to help you develop your resistance during the pandemic period

FPT News , 05-21-2021 15:00

The number of people infected with Covid-19 in Vietnam continues to rise every day, requiring each individual to actively preserve and exercise their health. Here are some suggestions for increasing resistance.
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Teachers “say goodbye” to the “disconnect from the network” situation thanks to FPT Telecom's free Internet connection

FPT News , 05-21-2021 14:30

FPT Telecom installed free Internet at Gia Dong Kindergarten No. 2, Tam A, Gia Dong, Thuan Thanh, Bac Ninh province's isolation point after noticing that teacher were compelled to use a low-quality network connection.
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Data security solution during “work from home” time

FPT News , 05-20-2021 13:00

Due to the stressful situation of the COVID epidemic, many businesses have temporarily allowed employees to work from home.  But the issue of document management and security in the 4.0 era is always a difficult problem.
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During exam season, no parent can overlook the supervision of their children

FPT News , 05-20-2021 12:00

The inability to monitor children's internet use is a constant source of frustration for parents, particularly at a time when students are required to study online.
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Here are the features that help "identify" students in the 4.0 period

FPT News , 05-19-2021 15:00

The 4.0 technology revolution has had and will continue to have a significant impact on many aspects of life, especially education. Students' conventional learning techniques have been greatly altered by the influence of technology.  
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Tips for staying motivated at work while you're working from home

FPT News , 05-19-2021 09:28

Covid-19 is making a comeback, and the company is operating in “work from home” mode. The home room, on the other hand, is unlikely to be as dynamic and exalted as the workplace. So, how can you stay motivated when you're working from home?
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